1. Fannie Mae was established in 1938 to stabilize the housing supply for the United States after the Great Depression. Initially, it is a company funded by the government. Then in 1968, the US government decided to change of ownership of the company into a joint stock company. The company listed its shares in New York Stock Exchange under the ticker FNM.

2. Fannie Mae, is a public company and is a financial institution specialized in the purchase of the United States and securitization of mortgages to ensure financing for financial institutions to lend people money to buy houses in.

3. With the aim by 2020 to grow in the field of financial planning Fannie Mae has expanded to the Asian countries, Vietnam is the first country in the Asian countries is opening the gate for investors starting investment capital contribution in December 2016 and officially operating on the webstde https://100-dollar.org

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